waktu tak berbaik hati padaku

aku terjebak di dalamnya

disebuah ruang gelap yang pengap

hingga aku sesak tanpa harap

mungkin itu pusaraku

hingga dipaksa mati di dalamnya

oh waktu..

berikan kebaikanmu..

agar kelak menjadi bukti

akulah manusia terjanji



i put my wings on my back

gave its stroke

even i knew, ain’t strong enough

i lay my hands and pray

waiting for your chest

hold me forever

learn for more reasons

why these wings could flies

found more lessons

why an angel doesnt needs these wings to fly when a lucky love touched her heart

somewhere, i belong to..

a lucky love falls in to..

and i clap my hands, dancing underneath the moonlight till drop

running away… with u

somewhere underneath the moonlight

smiles with u

laugh with u

get tough with u

without my wings, i never change..

forgot my dignity

forgot my agony

forgot my pain

forgot arrogance

somewhere, i’ll be an ordinary angel